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Water and Sewer Authority

On March 19, 1990, the Board of Supervisors of West Hanover Township  established the West Hanover Township Water and Sewer Authority.  Organized and created under the PA Second Class Township Code and the PA Municipal Authorities Act of 1945, the Water and Sewer Authority was created at the time public sewers were being introduced into the Township.  The Authority was formed for the purpose of providing guidance and management related to the acquisition, holding, construction, improvement, maintenance, operation, ownership or lease (whether lessor or lessee) "projects" related to  the West Hanover public sewer system.  Chapter 4, Article II of the Township Code of Ordinances designates in more detail those projects the Water and Sewer Authority may embark and the freedom to fund and devise its own plans of fiscal management.

Water and Sewer Authority Members and Officers


Kenneth Tyndale - Assistant Secretary
Donald Steinmeier - Chairman
Bob Garland - Secretary
Michael Kreiser - Vice Chairman
Tom Stewart - Treasurer


Mark Salisbury - Authority Manager/Assistant Treasurer

Phil Rodemoyer - Staff Part-time
Andrew Wetzel, Adam Bell - Operator
Gail Martin - Administrative Assistant
Jamie Aston - Superintendent
Jon Yost, Yost and Davidson - Solicitor
Dale Shope, PE, Gannett Fleming Engineering, Inc - Authority Engineer
P O Box 67100, Harrisburg, PA 17106    (717) 763-7211

Meeting Times
3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM.