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Water Saving Tips from the Susquehanna River Basin Commission

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The following water conservation measures are recommended by the Susquehanna River Basin Commission. More information is available attheir web site:


Tips for Residential Water Users


DO NOT water lawns; only recently seeded, planted areas or year-old vegetation need water.

Limit vehicle washing activities. If you are washing, use a bucket instead of a hose, or utilize a commercial car wash that reuses the water.

Take short showers instead of baths. (Collect water with a bucket, while waiting for the shower water to heat up). Consider bathing young children together.

Don’t run water while shaving, brushing teeth, or washing dishes by hand.

Run dishwashers and washing machines only when filled to capacity.

Inspect and repair all leaking faucets, pipes, hoses, and toilets.

Install new shower heads and sink faucets equipped with water-saving devices, such as aerators or spray taps, or retrofit existing showers and faucets with these devices.

Replace older toilets that use more water with newer, low-consumption toilets (For older toilets requiring 5-6 gallons per flush, place a water-filled bottle inside the toilet’s water tank to use less water).

Consider not flushing after every use.

Keep a container of water for consumption in the refrigerator (Avoid running the faucet for a long period to get cold water).

Sweep sidewalks and driveways—don’t hose them down.

Select drought-tolerant vegetation and plant species for landscaping, and use mulches to retain moisture.

Direct downspouts or gutters toward shrubs or trees, and/or collect (non-potable) water in a large bucket for use elsewhere. Whenever possible, collect and use “gray” (wash) water for this purpose.

Cover pools and spas when they are unoccupied, to reduce evaporation.


Tips for Agricultural and Golf Course Operations Using Irrigation Systems


Reduce the level of irrigation and/or alter the time pattern to the coolest parts of the day, and when it is not windy to reduce water loss through evaporation.

Inspect irrigation equipment for leaks and repair all faulty piping.

Install the best available water conservation technology.

Reuse water whenever possible.

Tips for Industrial/Commercial Facilities

Inspect plumbing fixtures for leaks and repair all faulty piping.

Install water-saving devices, and update outdated plumbing fixtures.

Implement a water conservation program, if one is not already in place.

Reuse water whenever possible.