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Native Plants for the Landscape

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Welcome to the Native Plants for the Landscape Guide.  Providing landscape screens and borders using native plants enhances wildlife habitat, while at the same time lowering requirements for water, fertilizer, and pesticides.  Why?  Since native plants have evolved in concert with local and regional conditions, they are better adapted to local site requirements; require less maintenance then exotic plants; and provide a wide range of beauty and natural diversity.

The links below connect you to special categories of native plants to consider in your own landscaping planning.  The list of native plants and other references are not intended to be all-inclusive.  The were compiled as a sampling of representative plants which exhibit some of the best characteristics of flower and form, adaptability, and wildlife values.  Since the lists were assembled with border/screen/open space requirements in mind, they include a variety of herbaceous perennial plants and many of the native, large tree species.



SOURCES:  Information organized for the above links was compiled from the following reference sources:


The Vascular Flora of Pennsylvania by Ann F.Rhoads & William M. Klein, Jr.


Native Shrubs for Landscaping by S.L. Taylor, G.D. Dreyer, &  W.A. Niering


The Native Plant Primer by Carole Ottesen           


Return of the Natives by K. Reshetiloff, Bay Journal


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